Drug Testing at Work

Many companies and corporations in Charlotte NC offer a drug testing program to their employees. When an employee is suspected of having used drugs, it is important for the employer to have a drug testing team available to administer the test. This not only deters employees who are thinking about using illegal substances from using work, but also it can save the company money in the long run by saving on substance abuse rehabilitation. This article will give the basic steps an employer should follow when implementing a drug testing policy, as well as how the procedure can be carried out in a discreet manner.

Before any testing takes place, an employee should be offered a chance to take a preliminary drug test. This allows for a drug screening to occur without necessarily asking for the person’s urine or saliva. If an employee refuses to take the preliminary test, it is then important to request a drug screening conducted at a local pharmacy or health food store. During the screening process, the employee is asked questions about recent drug use, and the results of any drug testing can be given to the company for review and evaluation. Most drug testing policies will require the employee to undergo a second drug screening in the event that they are still involved with drug use after the initial screening.

Once a decision has been made regarding drug testing, it is important to institute a set of standards that all employees must follow when going through drug testing procedures. Some people may feel comfortable with the fact that their co-workers are being randomly tested, while others may choose to view this as a form of harassment. It is important for employers to create a culture of trust within their workplace and by having a set of standards and expectations for employees to follow, this culture of trust will better reflect the company in general. If a drug tester does choose to perform the drug testing in a way that is disconcerting to members of the work force, they should be required to abide by the guidelines that are set down by their company.